Video clip- the new way to present yourself to employers

Writing a letter is an old-fashioned way of presenting yourself as a candidate applying for a job. A medium that inspires most of the younger generation today is a short video presentation of three minutes. It represents a mingling of an interesting form of presentation with a performance, in the way a company demands. The possibilities of this new medium are excellent. Presenting your talents in a short video clip appeals to the new way of employer branding. Companies are demanding talented people that can convince customers. And the short personal video clip is exactly what companies want to see. On the other hand, a new employee has to show that they can respect the language of the company which they must use to get the job.

Although there are benefits to this new medium (e.g. repetitions are possible), early adaptors of the new medium can’t look the interviewer in the eye and might miss the cues in the audience for reacting in more liked way of appearance. With this new way of applying, the companies have the opportunity to evaluate candidates even better. For them, it’s a quick way to see whether there is a fit between the candidate and the job and the communication policy of the company. It makes it easier to judge candidates fairly. Candidates must first introduce themselves properly and convince the audience by presenting themselves clearly. It is no longer necessary to just guess at what their plans are in joining the company. But it must also be supposed that within this fixed medium there is any possibility that future employers can hide their personal aims.

There are also benefits for the candidates: candidates can use examples of video presentations they saw before on the road to success. So if you wish to present yourself as an eloquent woman or man this new medium certainly offers that possibility. By choosing this medium you will stand out. It is not too late to give it a try: this new medium has not yet been discovered by all of your fellow students. The market has not yet been flooded with candidates using this medium to get a specific job within a specific company. So remember this good advice: the words you choose to convince the company you want to work for in the future have to be excellent, and you have to be well spoken in English if your origin is Dutch.

R. Crijns