The adventures of Babylon

Although the academic year has only just begun in September, I have already had a few busy months preparing for the new academic year. Not especially as a student, but as the new treasurer of SA Babylon. We were elected as the board of Babylon in June, and from that moment on we have experienced several adventurers.

Before we were chosen as the board of Babylon we didn’t really know each other. That changed very quickly. We had to write our policies, for which we had two gatherings of each 5 hours. Besides that, we have already had a lot of fun things to do in our first 3 months as the board of Babylon.

After we met for the first time, we wanted to go on a short trip. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time for such a trip, because of the upcoming exams. Instead of a short trip, we went on a daytrip to theme park the Efteling. It rained all day, but the rain wasn’t stopping us from having fun! We even went into the Piranha’s, which is a water ride. Even though it was a day with a lot of rain, we also had a lot of fun.

During the first months of the new year we will visit a lot of CoBo’s, which is short for ‘constitution borrel’. This is an event where many boards of all kinds of associations are present, so we can really get to know each other. Each new board hosts their own CoBo, so we’ll have a lot of evenings with little sleep. If you see us as zombies during a morning lecture, now you all know why.

We also went to Tilburg with the five of us, and in the next few weeks we’ve also planned trips to Utrecht and Amsterdam. I can hear you think why, because I just told you we don’t sleep that much, so why would we plan extra trips? The university of Utrecht, Tilburg and Amsterdam also have the study Communication and Information Sciences. So we went to our ‘sisters’ in Tilburg to congratulate them with their new position in the board at their CoBo! And of course we also want to do that in Amsterdam and Utrecht.

After these first few months, we really got to know the other board members and we became friends. I think we are going to have a lot more adventures this year, and hopefully also with you, as members of Babylon!

The adventure continues…

Lotte Bikker
Treasurer of the 28th board of SA Babylon