Olympics, quizes and tea bags

That was quite a week! The annual birthdayweek of Babylon is over: the Diesweek. A week full of activities and parties. I attended everything, except for the start of the Diesweek, which was the opening cake lunch where you could decorate your own slice of cake for 50 cents. Experiencing your childhood once more! I was present at Monday evening’s Beer Olympics and our team represented the USA. The famous Beer Olympics, with games such as ‘beer pong’ and ‘flip the cup’, was to experience a lot of fun, but unfortunately for us the Germans won the games (and the clothing competition!).

Tuesday was a successful day as well with the dinner at Café van Buren and the pub quiz afterwards. After the starter with pumpkin soup or tomato soup you could with the main dish choose between salmon with asparagus, chicken satay with French fries or the chef’s special. I was very glad I chose the chef’s special as one of the two people who chose it: buckwheat noodles with among other things zucchini and shrimps (jum!). Although my group has fought hard for questions about Nijmegen, language, general knowledge, culture and 4 other categories, we still finished 4th out of 7 groups. We would have won the price for the group who had the best time I bet! I have learned many new things at the pub quiz, for example, did you know that a disorder that someone eats weird (normally uneatable) things is called ‘pica’?

Wednesday, the day of the pub crawl and the appreciated BaMyPo. My team thought to have a chance to win this time, but no such luck! However, there were some well thought games by the committee CIA. We went to 4 different pubs: the Bascafé, the Fuik, the Malle Babbe and TweeKeerBellen (better known as TKB). In the Bascafé we did another pub quiz, this time about (awkward) facts of committee members. The second pub my group went was the Malle Babbe, where we did the game which can stir up the most stress resistant persons: 30 seconds, with questions about Babylon, the university and Nijmegen. Arrived at the Fuik, Jimi and Ruben explained to us that we had to sit in a row on the floor and lift the first person above our heads to the back of the row again and again. I have had pain in my triceps for 2 days, haha! The last game at TKB contained statements from which we had to put our team members in a row from ‘least’ to ‘most’ connected to that certain statement. The difficult part came later, namely doing the same game without being permitted to consult with each other. Because of this game I got to know my group much better. After having played these 4 games, everyone was headed to el Sombrero with great relish, the BaMyPo! A wonderful party if you ask me.

In my opinion, the best is saved for last, the infamous cantus at Carolus from which I was sure that I would be punished. I was right, I still have the tea bag in my stomach after I accidentally swallowed it with ‘atje tea bag’. I’m just glad that I didn’t have to eat a herring like some other people… What an unforgettable evening full of singing and malicious pleasure! When the cantus was over, many other people, including myself, went out. As a result, I lived up to the name ‘hangover brunch’ on Friday morning. This week was absolutely worth my money; I’m already looking forward to next year!

Rhodee Koers