New year, New Me

I like to think of January as the month where many people are at their best. With their new year’s resolutions fresh in mind and a real drive to change. For some people, these resolutions will fade and be abandoned before we have reached the beginning of February. For others however, January marks a significant change in (possibly) the rest of their lives.

So what are these new year’s resolutions? The most popular and common ones across the world are: ‘to quit smoking’, ‘to quit drinking’, ‘to eat healthier’ and ‘to exercise’. But if you look at students they are much more likely to say: ‘to get organised’ and ‘to stop procrastinating’.

These are things that of course many people struggle with, but for students they can cause the most issues. With assignments and exams almost upon us at the time of writing, it is clear how much you have to do, and that you have a finite amount of time to do it. But if you aren’t well organised this often becomes harder than it really should be. If you want to become more organised, you could maybe start by getting an agenda and noting down every task in there as soon as you’re made aware of them. That way you can just check your agenda instead of constantly having to look through files online scanning for when and where you needed to hand in that paper again, it makes organising a lot easier.

However, procrastination is a whole other issue. Many students like to spend their time on anything but studying. You only have yourself to blame for procrastinating, knowing this is the first step towards breaking the habit. It requires a lot of discipline and a lot of willpower. Somewhere to start is to always get the worst tasks out of the way first. You should do this at a time when you can muster up a lot of your discipline, so you can resist the urge to procrastinate. If you’re done, you can move on to a task that you find more “fun”, you are then way less likely to step away from that task, since you know the worst part is already done!

Then, after your tasks for the day are done, you can spend as much time as you want browsing social media or watching Netflix. You’ll have earned it.

I hope you guys stick to your new year’s resolutions, and I wish everyone who reads this all the best for 2018, let’s make it a wonderful year together.