Hidden designs in logos you have yet to spot

Marketing is all about promoting your organisation and its products, and to stand out in a positive way. One action that is connected with this concept concerns designing your corporate logo. Do you choose for keeping things simple or do you go ‘’all out’’? Do you use names or do you use an image? The following companies faced this dilemma as well. However, they chose to make the logo even more intriguing by incorporating a hidden design. Although these designs are sometimes hard to find, this does make the moment you spot them seriously fulfilling.

Starting off relatively easy, the first hidden design can be found within the Toblerone logo. Where you probably always thought of this logo as a mountain, another aspect had been added. Inside the mountain (look at the left half) you can see a clear outline of a bear standing up. This hidden bear in the mountain was actually conceived to represent the story behind the chocolate’s origin.

Next is the smart logo of NorthWest Airlines, in which no less than three hidden designs can be spotted. First, there is a clear letter N. When you look more closely, the letter W can be found as well consisting of the N, the triangle and the white space in between. However, there is even more to be discovered in this logo: the circle represents a compass, where the tip of the W makes the compass point slightly north west. As you can see, this company was able to incorporate multiple features in the logo. 

Last but not least: the unintended arrow in the FedEx logo. The designers of the logo, Landor Associates, revealed that perhaps less than one in five people are able to spot this hidden design. Even the designers themselves took over 400 looks at the new logo before noticing that the letters E and X create an arrow between them. This arrow henceforth represented the company going from point A to point B reliably, with speed and precision.

These three companies are just some examples out of the thousands of logos that have been made with a secret message. If you ever get the opportunity to design a logo yourself, the incorporation of a hidden design could be an interesting option to consider.