First experiences in Holland

‘Whoosh, here I am, at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam’. After such a long flight from Vietnam, I stepped my very first steps outside the arrival gate, and my journey (or studying abroad) began! Excitement and curiosity about the first time being immersed in European atmosphere was soon replaced by slight nervousness. Never before had I travelled by train, never before had I known where to buy a train ticket, where to look for the time schedule and how to catch the right train ET CETERA!

Dutch people impressed me! Confused as I was at the time, asking for help was the only thing I could think of. An old woman, speaking English pretty fluently, showed me the right train, then smiled and wished me luck. How friendly she was to me! Now that I was sitting on the train from Schiphol to Nijmegen, fortunately, I didn’t have to worry much because this was a direct train. Learning to travel by train once a day (and after a freaking long flight) was enough.

Nijmegen is a lovely place, as I imagined. Surrounded by nature, with truly Dutch architecture, the city welcomed me in on a beautifully sunny day. This is where I am going to spend my time for the next three years, probably the most memorable three years of my life.

Really I don’t know how to describe my university, I am in the process of getting used to my college life. I have had the chance to meet a lot of people, from flat mates to fellow students of the same study whose background are diverse: Dutch (of course!) but also other European nationalities. Since the orientation week of International Business Communication program, I have been close to a group made of two Slovakians and two Lithuanians, whose countries I had hardly heard of before. Since then, there is always something new to learn: dining etiquettes, maybe some unique traditions and unintentionally, a couple of swear words. But above all, most of my fellow students speak English really well and in such a way that impresses me. That’s the reason I decided to study at Radboud University, besides some other reasons like facilities, teaching quality and so forth.

Hien-⁠Minh Huynh