You might wonder what makes sponsoring SV Babylon or a collaboration with the study association worthwhile for your company. The following comes to mind:

Students of Communication and Information Studies are potential employees: they’re skill-oriented, aware of international affairs and are broadly schooled. Working together with SV Babylon give your company the opportunity to find capable interns (if desired) and is an adequate way for your company and its professional activities to become better-known under students.

SV Babylon collaborates with many other study associations on different occasions and levels, which brings the number of people that could be reached through a collaboration with SV Babylon above the number of members that SV Babylon has (500+).

A link with the world of academics may be an important advantage for you as an organisation. SV Babylon attempts to strengthen the bond with academics and to facilitate field experience by organising various activities. Think of symposia at the Radboud University, guest speakers from the business world giving lectures, company visits, and training or workshops offered by professionals from your company.

Interested? Feel free to send us an email in order to discuss what our possibilities together are (extern@svbabylon.nl).



Since 9 March 2020, we have a new website: www.babylonnijmegen.nl! With this new website change, we also have new email addresses: @babylonnijmegen.nl. If you have any questions, please send an email to secretary@babylonnijmegen.nl