Ordering books

Via Babylon, you can easily order your books and with a maximum discount! You’ll get a 10% discount on Dutch books and a 13% discount on foreign books during ordering period (until 1 October).

Click HERE to go to the webshop.

The books that you can order through this website have been approved by the faculty. This way you are certain that you order the right books.

The ordering procedure is easy and efficient. Note: only during the ordering period you’ll get the discount, so order in time!

!! PRE-MASTER STUDENTS PAY ATTENTION: carefully check which books you need. You might need books from the lists B1, B2, and B3!

Let PostNL deliver your package. We will make sure that you get the track&trace code of your PostNL package and will make sure that your books arrive in time.

At the checkout, you are asked if you’d like to sign up for Babylon. Only members are given a discount, so it is highly recommended that you do so. Moreover, there are numerous advantages of being a member, so there is no reason not to!

In the case of any unexpected issues, send an e-mail to www.studystore.nl/contact.



Since 9 March 2020, we have a new website: www.babylonnijmegen.nl! With this new website change, we also have new email addresses: @babylonnijmegen.nl. If you have any questions, please send an email to secretary@babylonnijmegen.nl