FutureM – for Professionals

With FutureM, the study association wants to offer our members the opportunity to spend a day (or part of a day) working with a professional in their future field of expertise. This very personal way of gathering insight leaves a student with a realistic image of what a regular work day looks like for a professional and what he/she busies him-/herself with throughout the day. With a degree in Communication and Information Studies, there are still many different paths and careers to pursue and it can be hard to figure out what it is exactly that you want. FutureM offers students the opportunity to explore their prospects when it comes to working within their future field of expertise.

All of this could not be done without the help of professionals! Would you be willing to take a student into your workplace for a day (or part of it) once or twice year? Would you like to share your experiences with a student and show them what it is that you do daily? Then quickly click this link and fill in the registration form!