Communication Circle Nijmegen

Every (future) communication professional, who works, studies, and/or lives in or around Nijmegen can join the ‘Communiecatiekring Nijmegen’ (Communication Circle Nijmegen). The CKN is an active circle of about 150 communication professionals. The meetings with colleagues, the exchange of knowledge and experience and the inspiration that such contact can bring make membership more than worthwhile! The CKN organises at least five different meetings a year, varying from workshops to think-tanks to big themed gatherings. Biannually, they organise their own communication congress (in Fall).

The CKN also hosts summer lectures. These lectures are taken over by the Communication Circle Arnhem if the CKN is organising the communication congress. These summer lectures are given by prominent communication professionals and cover the latest news from the field. The CKN is also the instigator of the Nijmegen communication award.

Sadly, the language of conduct at most events is Dutch. Unfortunately, the website of the Communication Circle is also only available in Dutch. If you want more information or if you want to find out whether becoming a member is still possible and worthwhile if you do not speak Dutch, send an e-mail to