Educational programme and career

The bachelor programme Communication and Information Sciences at Radboud University Nijmegen aims to train students to become professionals in communication. One of the main goals of the program is to turn students into true business communication specialists who are capable of conducting research independently that does not only contribute to development of theories about communication, but is also of significant importance when it comes to solving internal or external communication problems within an organization.

The focus of the programme Communication and Information Sciences of the Faculty of Arts at Radboud University lies on the communication of organizations.

When talking about ‘organizations’, one could think of commercial companies, but non-profit organizations also fit the bill. The bachelor Communication and Information Sciences offers students a proper college education aimed at executing communication tasks within organizations and a scientific framework for analysis and development of internal and external communication of organizations.

The three central themes in the curriculum are:
•       ‘Language and Communication’
•       ‘Business and Organization’
•       ‘Research’

Communication and Information Studies focusses on a broad part of the labor market: trade and industry, commercial services, and the authorities.

Trade/Professional Organizations have started to recognize the importance of communication more and more: on the one hand they want to gain insight in the progression of communication processes, with the aim to improve these processes; on the other hand internationalization demands correct and effective usage of language in multilingual communication situations. This intensification of focus on communication has led to an increasing demand of professionals in the field of language and communication.

Communication and Information Studies is one of the educational programs that brings forth such professionals!

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At Radboud University, every educational program has an Education Committee, consisting of both professors and students. The ‘student members’ of this committee (in this particular case) represent those who study Communication and Information Studies and are chosen by their own fellow students annually. The professors who are in this committee are chosen by scientific staff from the educational program.



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