CIS in the Field 25 September

We are all studying Communication and Information Studies, but what happens after finishing our studies? Babylon organises ‘CIS in the field’ for exactly that purpose. In three different rounds, former CIS students will give a presentation about what they do now and how studying communication contributed to pursuing the career path they chose. Whether you are close to finishing your studies and want to discover the possibilities or you just started with your studies and want to see what you can do to follow the career you are envisioning; this event is for you!

If you would like to register you can swing by the Babylon Room (E12.09) during our office hours. When registering we would love you to indicate which speakers you would like to listen to. If you already want to get an idea of who the speakers are, please take a look here:

Round 1:

Pieter Kroes (English)
Pieter is the owner of a company called StageMax. StageMax is a company that connects just-graduated students or students in need of an internship with businesses and enterprises.

Erin Pots (English)
Erin is a creative communication advisor at Vitamine C. Vitamine C is a communication agency that organises activating change communication, creates visualising stories and organises events and workshops.

Ilse Vrijman English)
Ilse is a communication advisor for the Dutch army. Before joining the communication department, she was an officer for the Ministry of Defence.


Round 2:

Rolf de Rode (English)
Rolf is currently working at Netprofiler as an online marketing consultant. At Netprofiler they try to improve marketing of different organisations, based on digital data. After working at the Radboudumc in Nijmegen for a short while after graduating, he started working at the online marketing and CRO agency Netprofiler/Clickvalue as online marketing consultant. This agency has a wide variety of almost 200 clients, with some of the better-known being Adidas, Heineken, Tommy Hilfiger, Plan Nederland, Hartstichting and Oger.

Justin Muis (English)
Justin finished his bachelor Communication and Information Studies in 2017 and then started with his Master of Arts ‘Communication and Influence’. Currently, Justin Muis is Communication Advisor at Gloedcommunicatie. This company is specialised in brand-driven and effective communication and they think of the best strategy to affect people

Julia Louisa Brand (English)
Julia has worked for Radboud University as Project Officer Communications and Event Coordinator. Currently she is responsible for the recruitment of students at Avans Hogeschool at the Acadamy for Industry and Information Technology. In this presentation she will tell you about her current job and what it is like to work as a communications officer in the field of education. She will tell you the tips and tricks of searching for a first job based on her experiences in general and as a recruiter.


Round 3:

Wies van Santvoort
Wies is co-owner of UITLIEFDE weddings and is also project manager at Kampert-Nauta. At Kampert Nauta they develop different graphic design products, such as flyers.

Milou Jansen (English)
Milou is working as a G4 information management trainee. G4 is a collaboration of the 4 biggest municipalities of the Netherlands (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague & Utrecht).


We hope to see you all 25 September on the second floor of the Erasmus building!