Origin and logo

SV Babylon is a study association for all Communication and Information Studies students at Radboud University. In the name ‘SV Babylon’, ‘SV’ stands for ‘studievereniging’, which means study association in English. The name ‘Babylon’ origins from the Bible. According to Genesis 11:1-9, the descendants of Noah wanted to build a city with a tower that reached all the way up to Heaven. They dubbed this city Babylon, though the city was also known as Babel. God considered their endeavour to build a tower of such height as an act of abominable, pagan foolhardiness and punished Noah’s descendants – who up until then all spoke one and the same language- by confounding their speech and scattering them all over the world – and their different languages with them.

Nowadays, the city Babylon still exists and can be found on the banks of an important tributary of the Euphrates, about 90 kilometres south of Baghdad. In the second millennium B.C. Babylon was the political, cultural and religious centre of South-Mesopotamia, also known as Babylonia.

Mesopotamia was bordered by the Euphrates and the Tigris, which gave the country a crescent moon shape. This crescent moon can also be found in the logo of SV Babylon. The enlarged ‘Y’ represents balance (in communication) and exemplifies SV Babylon as a well-balanced, harmonized organisation. The bar beneath the logo refers to a strong foundation. The vibrant colours of our logo give SV Babylon a refreshing outlook. Quality and innovation characterise SV Babylon.