Lustrum Committee

During the upcoming and the next academic year, Babylon will set up two extra committees. There is a special reason for this. Namely, the association will turn thirty in 2018-2019 and that calls for a large celebration! The thirtieth anniversary is also called the sixth lustrum. Every single year, the association saves a certain amount of money in order to organise a lustrum year that won’t easily be forgotten.

The Lustrum Committee ’17-’18 was mainly responsible for delivering a plan of action that will serve as a starting point for the actual lustrum year. This includes, for instance, coming up with possible themes, brainstorm about the implementation of those themes and organising an opening party. The Lustrum Committee from this year will implement the fantastic ideas from the Lustrum Committee of last year. This year is going to be epic and full of awesome activities!

This committee consists of 2018-2019 of:

Paula Hartmann
Quirijn Somers
Wouter Weijkamp
Tijs de Groot
Celine Michon
Thijs Buisman
Jodie van der Wal
Gina Advena

Coordinator: Suzanne Klein Wolterink