Committee of Informal Activities (CIA)

The Committee of Informal Activities (CIA) is the committee that is responsible for many of the informal activities organised by Babylon. These activities have been a great success for many years. You can find a list of these main activities below:

Borrels in our habitual hangout “Malle Babbe”

On one of the Tuesdays of every month, the CIA organises a Babylon Borrel. It’s the perfect opportunity for you to leave the grey walls of the Erasmus Building behind and get together with your fellow students for a drink and a chat. There’s a different theme every month and alcoholic beverages are priced down!


Five times a year, Babylon organises the notorious ‘BaMyPo’ party in collaboration with the study associations Mycelium (for students of Communication Sciences) and Postelein (for students of Pedagogical Sciences). This party, which takes place in El Sombrero, has a different, surprising theme every time and is guaranteed to result in a legendary night!

The CIA consists of:

Maud Weijers
Renee Christophe
Anna Bos
Niek van de Minkelis
Dylan Zeevaart
Marlon Gerrits
Jytte Beelen
Janne Rutten

Coordinator: Dominique Paulissen