Almanac committee

For the upcoming lustrum year (2018-2019), the Almanac Committee will already be set up. This committee is responsible for writing, designing and composing the association’s almanac. ‘Almanac’ actually is a fancy word for year book. The entire year will be recorded in it. Both association-related and general big events and national holidays will be included. Furthermore, the almanac is put together fully in accordance with the lustrum theme, which is picked by the Lustrum Committee.

The Almanac Committee of 2018-2019 constist of:

Femke Brüll
Bas de Wit
Marijn van Ellen
Sabine van Westerveld
Eline van Lent
Rivka van den Berg
Aniek Beers
Isi Omole
Luca Rusch

Coordinator: Maartje Slot