On this page you can find Babylon’s committees. At the beginning of each year, most of the committees are assembled with members of the association. Being an ‘active member’, which means that you are taking part in a committee, has several advantages. For instance, it is a good way of developing your organisational skills. Furthermore, you can put it on your CV, which proves that you’ve done extracurricular activities during your life as a CIS student. This may be really helpful in your future career!

Below you can find all Babylons’ committees.


Career Committee

The primary goal of the Career Committee is to help members by for example tutoring or giving them workshops in preparation for the working field (workshops include several training courses in LinkedIn, CV checks, interview training, etc). The second goal of the Career Committee is to bring members in touch with companies who provide professional training courses and workshops. Read more

Congress Committee

The Congress is an annual event that usually takes place in the second semester of the academic year. The Congress Committee is responsible for organising this exciting event. Last year’s theme was ‘Miscommunication’ and the year before that it was about mind tricks. What will the theme this time be? Read more

Committee of Formal Activities (CFA)

The Committee of Formal Activities organises all activities pertaining to academics. Throughout the year, this committee will organise a great variety of activities that will give students the opportunity to take a peek into the business worlds. Read more

Graphic Design Committee (GV-cie)

The Graphic Design Committee takes care of the design of the Babylon Magazine (BM) and supports the webmaster with graphic materials. The committee also delivers the designs of all promotion materials for Babylon. They are responsible for all flyers and posters for the activities organized by other committees. Read more

Committee of Informal Activities 

The Committee of Informal Activities (CIA) is the committee that is responsible for many of the informal activities organised by Babylon. These activities have been a great success for many years. Read more

Education Committee 

The Information Committee organises information activities/events for both Babylon and the educational programme of Communication and Information Studies. The committee does this with the help of study advisors Lucie Botterhuis and Sigrid Bleize-van den Berg. Read more

Orientation Week Committee

The Orientation week is the kick-start of every single student’s student life. During this week, new students get to know the Radboud University, the city of Nijmegen and their own educational programme. There is a different Orientation programme for first-years and pre-master (transition year) students. Read more

Prom Committee

The Prom Committee organises a prom in collaboration with several study associations across Nijmegen. The prom usually takes place in the second semester of the academic year. In order to make the night one to remember, there are a lot of arrangements that need to be made. Read more

Publication Committee 

The Publication Committee is responsible for Babylon Magazine, Babylon’s very own magazine. All Babylonians (members) receive a copy of the new issue of the magazine when it is published. The magazine consists of informative articles, pictures, columns, and interviews. Read more

Sports Committee

The main activity organised by Babylon’s Sports Committee is the Ski Trip. Every January the daredevils of CIS get together and travel to a winter sports resort to show off their exceptional skills on the slopes. Read more

Study Trip Committee

The Study Trip Committee is responsible for the organisation of Babylon’s annual study trip, which takes place during the holidays around the beginning of May. Read more

Lustrum Committee

During the previous, Babylon has set up two extra committees. There is a special reason for this. Namely, the association exists for thirthy years this year and that calls for a large celebration! The thirtieth anniversary is also called the sixth lustrum. The Lustrum Committee ’17-’18 was mainly responsible for delivering a plan of action that will serve as a starting point for the actual lustrum year. Read more

Almanac Committee 

For the upcoming lustrum year (2018-2019), the Almanac Committee will already be set up. This committee is responsible for writing, designing and composing the association’s almanac. ‘Almanac’ actually is a fancy word for year book. Read more



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