Treasurer, Maartje Slot

Dear Babylonians,

My name is Maartje Slot and I am a 24-year-old, what gave me the nickname Mama Maartje as Dominique always says. Originally, I come from Twente. Fortunately, I do not really have the accent. Unless I am very angry, something that is rare because in general, I am a very happy person!

After finishing my bachelor in the beautiful Groningen, it was time for something else, namely the pre-master IBC in Nijmegen. Although I only live in Nijmegen for a year, it really feels like my home. Babylon certainly made a big contribution to this, I almost immediately became active as a member of the introduction committee 2018. My first year as a Pre-Master did not go as planned, but this gave me the opportunity to do a board year at our wonderful association. I am therefore very proud that I may hold the position of Treasurer in the 30th board of Babylon!

I like to spend my free time with my friends who are spread everywhere in my home and abroad.

My spare time I like to spend with my friends who from my many residential places inside and outside the Nederland’s are spread everywhere. I also occasionally make a trip to my parents because they also still like it when I pass by. In addition, I love cooking and especially for others, nothing more fun than a successful dinner party. Besides this, I also like to be creative and collect old analogy cameras. Of course, traveling is a part of this list, I have just returned from a nice trip to Canada.

As Treasurer, I will be responsible for the finances of Babylon. In addition, I will coordinate the Study Tour Committee and the Almanac Committee. Last year, Babylon really gave me a home in Nijmegen. Because of this, I got to know lots of fun, sweet and interesting people. In addition, I have also experienced some beautiful moments and made good friends. I hope to pass this home feeling on to others for the coming year. If you have any questions or just want to chat, you are always welcome.


Maartje Slot
Treasurer 2018 – 2019