Secretary, Susanne Luiijf

Dear Babylonians,

My name is Susanne Luiijf. 21 years ago, I was born in a lovely village called Wijchen. Nowadays you can find me in Nijmegen, which is just 10 minutes away by train from my hometown. Because I was not yet ready to say goodbye to my Babylon family, I decided to extend my days of being a CIS-student. In my fourth study year I will fulfill the beautiful position of secretary of the thirtieth board of Babylon, which is equally the sixth lustrum. I can honestly say that I am super excited for the coming year!

In the past years of being a member of Babylon, there aren’t many activities that I haven’t attended. I tried to be present at as many formal and informal activities as possible. Furthermore, I have made some awesome trips: from skiing in Valloire and Avoriaz, to being a tourist in Berlin and Prague. If I would have to choose a Babylon activity, my favorite one would be the Orientation Week. Four years ago, I started as a “child” in the Orientation Week of Babylon, and I immediately loved the association. After this great experience, I wanted to pass on my enthusiasm for Babylon to the new CIS-students, so I decided to be a mentor parent. One year later, I took a look behind the scenes because I got the opportunity to organize this fantastic week myself as the treasurer of the Orientation Week Committee. Not only did I enjoy this position very much, I also have learned a lot from it.

In my free time I love to dance occasionally. I used to do this at a dance school, but currently I am just showing my dance moves at the clubs and the pubs (or just casually at home). Sporadically, I stop by the sport center to enjoy a lesson of Zumba. This year, I will also return to my – very successful – field hockey career by joining a team of friends. To finance my life as a student, I have had multiple part time jobs of great variance: from the hospital to a nursery of plants. For two years now, I am working as a waitress in a little restaurant in Wijchen, and I am still enjoying this very much. Furthermore, I have started as a work student in an international organization to get some in-the-field experience.

As the secretary of the 30th board, I am responsible for keeping the website and social media channels up to date (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn). If you don’t want to miss any activity and you wish to stay informed about the scoop of our discipline, then you should follow Babylon on all these channels! I will commit myself to the association with a lot of enthusiasm and I will try to pass this enthusiasm on all the members of Babylon.


Susanne Luijf
Secretary  2018-2019