Commissioner of External Affairs, Luuk van den Reek

Dear Babylonians,

My name is Luuk van den Reek. I am a 21-year-old International Business Communication student from a small city called Bakel. After living in Spain for half a year, I will start the pre-master’s program Communication Science after the summer. Since my first day in Nijmegen, I have been a member of SV Babylon. After three wonderful years, I wanted to do something in return for the association. I am really looking forward to occupying the position of Commissioner of External Affairs.  

In my first two years I have been very active within the association. However, it remained only in participating in the trips and many activities of Babylon. Last year I have been active within two committees, the Lustrum and Almanac Committee. The experience that I gained here, I found so nice and useful that I decided to apply for the board. Fortunately, the 29th board gave me the chance to take on the challenge.

This year I left the beautiful Brabant, unfortunately, to live in Nijmegen. In my spare time I can be found regularly in the pub or on a terrace in the city center. Furthermore, I like to cook but I also love a good Kapsalon. Several time a week I can be found on the hockey field in Deurne where the third half is also taken very seriously. In the weekend I am often in the picturesque Bakel where my parents live.

As Commissioner of External Affairs, I will be responsible for the contact with companies, agencies and other external relations of the association. Furthermore, I will help organize the congress and the Bedrijvendag. The focus will be on reducing the gap between the business side and the students. I’m really looking forward to this year and I will do my best to ensure that you all will have wonderful time within Babylon and in Nijmegen in general. If you have any questions or just want to make a chat, then you are always welcome!


Luuk van den Reek
Commissioner of External Affairs