Commissioner of Activities, Dominique Paulissen

Dear Babylonians,


My name is Dominiue Paulissen. I’m 21 years old and I’m a fourth-year CIS student, with Spanish as foreign language. I grew up in Druten, where I lived with my parents and my older brother until I was 18 years old. Since Druten isn’t a really exciting place to live, I decided to move out when I was 18, and I’ve been living in the beautiful city Nijmegen for three years now.

During my own Orientation Week I already fell in love with Babylon. Since that moment I’ve been present at many parties and other activities. I also have been an active member since my first year. I organised the study trip to Rio de Janeiro in 2016, I’ve been chair of the Orientation Week Committee and I also have been an active member of the Education Committee and the Lustrum Committee.

Besides my studies, I work for Mise en Place, a really nice hospitality agency for students. I’m often working at hotels to take care of fancy dinners, but I also worked at Justin Bieber’s concert for example. After a day of studying or a night at work, you can often find me in a pub with my friends or with my colleagues. Besides clubbing I like going out for dinner or a drink with my friends and chilling in a park or at the Waal. People always say that I’m very easy to entertain, since I’m always laughing a little bit too hard at stupid jokes. So don’t bother to come to the Babylonkamer and share one with me! Furthermore I’m a huge fan of pizza and sushi.

To improve my Spanish I “studied” a semester in Málaga, where I definitely spent the best half year of my life with Luuk and Suzanne. To avoid an “after Erasmus depression” after this amazing time, I decided to look for a new and fun challenge to be occupied with. Therefore I didn’t doubt any second to apply for a place in the thirtieth board of SV Babylon, where I proudly and full of energy will fulfill the function of Commissioner of Activities.

As Commissioner of Activities I am responsible for organising all informal activities, the ski trip, the prom and the Orientation Week of Babylon. The combination of my love for parties and my love for Babylon makes that I’m super excited to fulfill this function! I really hope to see all of you at these activities!


Dominique Paulissen
Commissioner of Activities 2018 – 2019