The educational programs Communication and Information Sciences at the Faculty of Arts of Radboud University are focussed on communication within and between organizations and have their own study association called ‘Babylon’.

Babylon was founded in 1989. The study association provides a platform for all students of Communication and Information Sciences to enrich their student life academically and/or socially. Furthermore, the study association offers students, professors from the Faculty of Arts, contributing graduates, (alumni who remain members of Babylon), and other interested parties the opportunity to communicate and collaborate. At the moment, Babylon has around 500 members.

Babylon actively tries to promote and create a healthy, positive, and encouraging study climate for its students. We organize a wide array of activities for our members. These activities range from activities pertaining to academics and career, such as excursions to companies, career events, take-your-family-to-college-days, and symposia, to fun activities such as ‘borrels’ (a Dutch tradition that you will quickly become familiar with during your stay in the Netherlands and that basically boils down to ‘drinks, good company and interesting conversations’), parties and fun nights out.