Communicatie & Beïnvloeding or International Business Communication? Which master to choose?

Maybe you already figured out which master you want to do or maybe you still have some doubts?

After the bachelor Communication and Information Sciences you can chose between two different Masters: Communicatie & Beïnvloeding (C&B) and International Business Communication (IBC). A lot of CIS students don’t really know which one to choose. In this blog we asked two master students to tell a bit more about their experience with the master, the main differences of the master and what the subject of their thesis is. So read on quickly if you want to know all about the masters IBC and C&B!


Juul – master student International Business Communication (English master)

In the bachelor you actually have two different components. The international part and the influencing part. I found the intercultural and linguistic parts of the bachelor very interesting. I want to know how companies deal with different cultures. Globalization is increasingly happening and I really like that. That’s why I chose the IBC master, because it focuses entirely on the cultural and international aspect of companies and not so much on the message itself and the persuasive part of the message. This master is also somewhat smaller than the C&B master, which I also really like because you always have a small club with who you sit in class. The teachers know you a little bit, so it’s more personal. Currently, I am writing my thesis. The subject of my thesis focuses on the relationship between people’s multicultural competences, so how they are personally competent in certain areas, and how that relates to language skills, so if they speak multiple languages and how well they speak those languages. I will investigate this between two groups of employees. A group that works international orientated and a group that doesn’t. Ultimately, I want to find out to what extent language and multicultural competence predicts which group they belong to. You can link those results to the fact that an international setting can contribute to multicultural competence and language skills.


Mats – master student Communicatie & Beïnvloeding (Dutch master)

After finishing my Bachelor IBC I figured I wanted to continue studying. Since I had built up quite the life in Nijmegen and wasn’t willing to give it up so soon, I started to look for a Master’s degree that corresponded as well as possible with my interests. Soon it became clear to me that ‘Communicatie & Beïnvloeding’ met most of my expectations. Especially the persuasive element really appealed to me. C&B offers various ways of personalising your study programme (e.g. assignments, research subjects) and offers an opportunity to specialise in one of three profiles (in my case Marketing). This certainly is a USP of the degree. Moreover, I was very happy about the fact that there is room for a short internship within an organisation of your own choice. This was very interesting and taught me a lot about my future prospects and what to expect after graduating and leaving my precious student life behind. Currently, I am studying for, what should be, my final exam ever(!), and also writing my thesis. The topic of my thesis is pretty interesting, namely Concreteness in Advertisements with regard to the persuasiveness. I am looking into the differences of abstract versus concrete language and images in advertisements for both products and services and how this could influence purchase intention, for instance. So far, I really enjoyed working on the very first research project that is truly mine. In conclusion, to answer the final question, I think the main difference between C&B and IBC is the main language and the content of a few courses. If you consider either of both degrees, make sure to do sufficient research and find out which suits you most!


Hopefully Juul and Mats helped you a little bit with your decision. Good luck!