05.04.2018 Hidden designs in logos you have yet to spot

Marketing is all about promoting your organisation and its products, and to stand out in a positive way. One action that is connected with this concept concerns designing your corporate logo. Do you choose for keeping things simple or do you go ‘’all out’’? Do you use names or do you use an image? The […]

01.03.2018 Mentor parent wanted!

Dear Babylonians, We are halfway through the year, which means it is high time to apply for becoming a mentor parent during the Orientation Week of 2018! Do you believe that you and three of your friends are able to show the new first years the best spots in Nijmegen, to make them completely familiar […]

08.01.2018 New year, New Me

I like to think of January as the month where many people are at their best. With their new year’s resolutions fresh in mind and a real drive to change. For some people, these resolutions will fade and be abandoned before we have reached the beginning of February. For others however, January marks a significant […]