16.05.2019 Communicatie & Beïnvloeding or International Business Communication? Which master to choose?

Maybe you already figured out which master you want to do or maybe you still have some doubts? After the bachelor Communication and Information Sciences you can chose between two different Masters: Communicatie & Beïnvloeding (C&B) and International Business Communication (IBC). A lot of CIS students don’t really know which one to choose. In this […]

22.03.2019 Let’s discuss influencer marketing

Every week, I am shocked when I get the notification about the average time a day I spent using my iPhone. Most of that time I spent on social media and I think most I am not the only one who is guilty of spending lots of time on social media without doing something important. […]

11.06.2018 One third through

I had the pleasure of writing Babylon’s first blog post for this academic year and now I have the honor of writing the last one. In a wink of an eye time has flown; finals are right around the corner and we all anxiously await our much deserved holidays. I think it has been a […]

08.05.2018 How to deal effectively with crisis situations

Crisis is most frequently defined as undesired events (at the workplace) which lead to major disturbances and unrest among the public. It can lead to negative reputation of the organization if the organization does not do anything to protect its image. Crisis communication is a subfield of PR which deals with protecting the reputation and […]