06.02.2018 The Art of Learning a Foreign Language

As a CIS student, learning a foreign language has become part of my daily routine. Sometimes you might feel like you’re never going to be able to achieve the level that you’re expected to. Over the course of the last few years, I myself have learned to listen, speak, read, and write in French. I […]

23.05.2017 Realizing I am not a tourist anymore

The first year is almost over, and that makes me think in my whole experience here as an expat. I have to admit, I did not expect so many cultural differences, but let me tell you, there are. Dutch people have some peculiar habits. Nevertheless, after eight months living here I believe culture has consumed […]

21.04.2017 Hyperlinking in online chat service interaction: pro or con?

Today, service organizations offer their clients a range of communication modes, including text-based chat. This includes insurance companies, transportation organizations, (mental) health organizations, libraries, the police etc. Survey research has revealed that customers/clients appreciate chat (perceived anonymity, no costs, etc.), but relatively little is known about how chatting with clients differs from other communication channels. […]

16.03.2017 Olympics, quizes and tea bags

That was quite a week! The annual birthdayweek of Babylon is over: the Diesweek. A week full of activities and parties. I attended everything, except for the start of the Diesweek, which was the opening cake lunch where you could decorate your own slice of cake for 50 cents. Experiencing your childhood once more! I […]

16.02.2017 THE SE(O)CRET

In this year’s second edition of Babylon Magazine an interview with Patrick Wessels was published, in which he shared his knowledge regarding advertising and fitting information to your audience. Knowing your customer can come in handy on many different occasions, for example when it comes to improving the website of your business. Besides his activities […]

20.01.2017 The Angry White Men

Prince, Alan Rickman, David Bowie, Johan Cruyff, Carrie Fischer, Joop Braakhekke, Muhammad Ali, Leonard Cohen and George Michael. These deaths are amongst the many terrible events 2016 has given us. The world is scared by numerous terrorist attacks and infamous political decisions. Brexit, the one thing of which so many people thought wouldn’t happen, happened. […]

21.12.2016 The battle of the Christmas commercial

Christmas is just around the corner and that does not only mean pretty trees, shiny lights and a whole lot of food. In the past few years, the competition for the most beautiful and touching Christmas commercial has become a real thing. Companies spend thousands, if not millions, on making the most original commercial to […]

19.11.2016 Video clip- the new way to present yourself to employers

Writing a letter is an old-fashioned way of presenting yourself as a candidate applying for a job. A medium that inspires most of the younger generation today is a short video presentation of three minutes. It represents a mingling of an interesting form of presentation with a performance, in the way a company demands. The […]

15.10.2016 First experiences in Holland

‘Whoosh, here I am, at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam’. After such a long flight from Vietnam, I stepped my very first steps outside the arrival gate, and my journey (or studying abroad) began! Excitement and curiosity about the first time being immersed in European atmosphere was soon replaced by slight nervousness. Never before had I […]

16.09.2016 The adventures of Babylon

Although the academic year has only just begun in September, I have already had a few busy months preparing for the new academic year. Not especially as a student, but as the new treasurer of SA Babylon. We were elected as the board of Babylon in June, and from that moment on we have experienced […]