Congress, Data: From Zero to Hero

This year’s congress will be all about the future of communication. Would you like to know what technological and political developments will occur in the near future, and what this will mean for your work as a communication professional. Topics such as the use of Artificial Intelligence or Big Data in communication will be discussed by professionals. Other technologies such as the use of Second Screen in media will also be discussed next to subjects as societal privacy concerns will be elaborated by scientists. If you would like to know what is the (near) future of communication the congress will be just the right event for you!


Programme of the day: 
12.45 Reception
13.15 First plenary session : Tibor Bosse (Professor Communication Science & Artificial Intelligence)
14.00 Second plenary session: Sam Warnaars (Head of Innovation aFrogleap)
14.45 Break
14.55 Third plenary session: RTL 
16.00 Workshop round 1
16.50 Workshop round 2
17.35 Borrel

After registering you will receive a google form on your mail address as soon as possible. In this form you will be able to fill in the workshop of preference. For more information about the speakers check the facebook event or Click here!

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